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Horses for Heroes Program

HPHC offers active duty Military and Veterans FREE group lessons.
June 6 -October 10, 2024 on Thursdays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. (Weather permitting)
The lessons will be taught by Cecelia Conway or Wendy Konichek.

Please RSVP if possible but not required to attend.
The RSVP makes it easier for us to schedule volunteers and horses needed for the lesson.

Horse experience is not necessary; we will teach you what you need to know. If you do not want to ride, we also, offer groundwork lessons. Please come and join the fun!

Discounted private riding lessons are available to Horses 4 Heroes members for $30.00 contact us to schedule a lesson.

Veterans at Horse Power Healing Center

The "Horses for Heroes" program at Horse Power Healing Center held at the 114 acre family-owned farm offers a safe and peaceful enviroment for veterans to bond with fellow veterans, volunteers and horses in a non-judgemental way. HPHC believes that each veteran has more than paid their dues by their service in the military and HPHC offers the "Horses for Heroes" group programs free of charge.

Participants do not need to have any horse knowledge; lessons are tailored to the Veterans needs and
interests. Veterans can learn at their own pace both riding and groundwork activities or they can come and just observe the activities.

Lessons can include: grooming, tacking and un-tacking the horse, leading, ground work, English or Western riding, drill team maneuvers, Dressage and Western Dressage.

Other activities offered are: participation in Horse Shows, Drill Team, Groundwork tests and Virtual shows.


To Sponsor one of the "Horses for Heroes" riders or their horse Click Here

Maggie's Story


Horses for Heroes representative, Desert Elegance and Jodi Johnson
Jodi Johnson leading her Morab mare, Desert Elegance ASF, representing "Horses for Heroes" at the Midwest Horse Fair. Photo credit: Bridget Lockridge


"A Different Journey Part II" video by Veteran Robert Foley
For more information about Robert, please visit his Facebook Page