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Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Lessons


At Horse Power Healing Center we want to offer our services to many different populations and persons with diagnoses such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and all levels of the Autism spectrum. We provide lessons for children and adults, ages three-years-old and up.


A few of the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy include:

Students can have confidence in knowing that they are receiving qualified instruction from experienced professionals who want to foster the strong bond between horses and people. We look forward to helping our students achieve every bit of enjoyment this great sport has to offer.

The experience at Horse Power Healing Center starts on the ground, learning how to groom means learning how to move safely around a horse.  One learns to watch their ears, eyes, and body to understand their language.  Touching gently, yet assertively, at the same time, is important in handling a horse.  Being able to move a large animal with a touch of your hand is empowering.  These are the exercises which build self-confidence in students, and all of this occurs before a rider even sits on the horse, and learns to tell a horse where to go and how to get there.


Each lesson is specifically tailored to an individual rider’s needs and strengths.  Any group lessons will be organized by age, diagnosis, and skill level; classes will not exceed more than three riders.  HPHC believes that generally more one-on-one time with students provides a better learning atmosphere.  Lessons are one hour long and include un-mounted and mounted activities. For an even more individualized experience, HPHC also offers private Equine-Assisted lessons.


For individuals who are non-riders, HPHC also offers an Un-mounted Lesson Program, where activities will include grooming, horse handling, horse care knowledge.


Lessons will not automatically be cancelled due to weather conditions. If the weather seems questionable please contact HPHC. Lesson that are cancelled due to inclement weather will be re-scheduled. We ask that you give at least 12 hour notice for lesson cancellation. If a student does not show up or give proper cancellation notice the lesson fee will be charged.

Note: All students are required to have an initial assessment before starting lessons, to determine abilities and needs. 


2022 Equine-Assisted Lessons run from June to October 15th. 

Rates: Group Lesson $50.00 (One-hour lessons with up to two other students) 

Private Individual Riding Lessons $65.00 

Half-Hour Lessons $35.00 For students ages 3-7yrs or students who can not physically handle a longer lesson. Initial Assessment $25.00 Please contact us for more information or to schedule an assessment. 

Scholarships may be available for those individuals that cannot afford the entire cost of lessons. Contact us for more information. 


To print off a New Student Form Click Here *Note the last two pages of the form must be completed by a physician* 


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  Kelly with Jericho's Magic Lady, Morab Mare. Josh with Jericho's Magnum Force, Morab gelding.


Horse Power Healing Center Horse Show Team

Another opportunity for some of the HPHC students is to participate in local horse shows and be part of Team HPHC. Team HPHC offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their rider skills and develop friendships with other students, their famileis and other competitiors. HPHC also travels to other shows that offer therapeutic classes.


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**Note: Regular English and Western riding lessons are available through Jericho Creek Farm II.
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